My background in illustration and graphic design has lead to a broad range of multimedia work. While my experience in technical communications and a variety of agency and in-house marketing roles have equipped me with the skills to provide motion graphic and video production services.

Below are comments gratefully received from people I have worked with.

"Dominic is a top shelf creative with the most wonderful communication style. His ability to ask thoughtful and insightful questions guaranteed that he always delivered excellent results.
To his credit, he did a total brand redesign for Howards and that process alone proved that Dom has not only the patience of a saint, but a quick wit that made him much missed when he returned to the UK."

Cathy Player
Marketing Communications Manager, Howards

"Dominic produced some excellent marketing campaigns during the time we worked together. Great understanding and interpretation of an initial idea to provide support to our Sales Team and help grow the business."

Barry Brigden
Sales Manager, Aidservice

"From my experience of his work Dom comes up with a creative slant that I had never thought of. These stand the test of time and are as good now as when they were first made."

Charles Bazlinton
Director, Local First CIC

"I have worked with Dominic on many occasions, mainly when he was providing a marketing and graphic design service while I was managing Lancelyn Theatre Supplies, his work was always creative, accurate and energetic.
I highly recommend Dom and his work."

Reg Berry
Director, National Stage Technology

"Dominic is a team player and one of life's good guys.
He is creative and a thinker and manages his work load meticulously.
Whilst he worked with us at HSW he helped develop our brand and increase the public awareness of it exponentially through his graphic design input into the brand identity.
I would employ Dominic again and surely recommend him."

Alex Dobrin
Owner of Overstock Plus

"I worked with Dominic whilst he was the Creative Lead and Art Dept Manager at Howards, Australia.
During this period, Dominic excelled in an array of design and multimedia skills that supported many facets of the business from retail design and artwork, to franchising recruitment. Dominic displayed exemplary skills across a mix of creative disciplines including: print, packaging, advertising, website and multimedia / video development.
Dominic was also able to combine these creative skills with convincing interpersonal skills in order to present creative ideas and influence decision making. Dominic was a very well respected member of the Howards Marketing / Art Dept team and was highly regarded among his colleagues."

Dominic Panetta
Senior marketing manager, Howards

"Dominic Stoppani (Dom) managed the graphics department and took it to an exciting professional modern era. He excelled in every task and is possibly the most conscientious, hardworking team member and has the admiration and respect of every colleague and department.
Part of the role including a rebranding, the research and impact of Dom's contributions, changed the face of Howards.
The calibre of work is always of the highest standard and second to none. If you have an opportunity, you would be a fool not to hire Dom."

Alexandra Vandenberg
Executive assistant to the CEO, Howards

"I had the pleasure of working with Dominic while at Howards. Dom was a very encouraging manager and had the ability to bring out the best in people which helped me develop professionally as a designer. He is very creative as well as a great strategic thinker which is a combination that is very hard to come by. I would highly recommend Dom on any projects great and small."

Carmen Hui
Branding and Web Designer, Tiny Mountains Studio